Alcohol consumption is responsible for 1.5% of total UK greenhouse gas emissions and 700,000 tonnes of beer bottle waste. The most effective way to reduce this impact is to drink less, drink local, drink draught as there are energy and climate impacts at every stage of production, distribution and consumption.

We’ve been advised to limit our alcohol intake for the sake of our health and here’s another reason – the climate. If you already only drink a moderate amount of alcohol, or just enjoy a drink and have no intention of cutting down, there are still ways to reduce the climate impact of your drinking:

  • Choose draught beer and cider to save some of the 700,000 tonnes of UK beer bottle waste.
  • Drink ale, stout and red wine in traditional style at room temperature to save energy emissions from refrigeration.
  • Choose locally produced drinks to save drink miles.
  • Choose organic wherever possible. 
  • Avoid wasting booze.

With the current fashion for locally produced, boutique drinks, this really should not be too much of a penance.


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